Color-accurate, digitally-imaged product samples that look absolutely real.

Using real products as samples was a fine idea when there wasn’t another choice. Today, however, SFC Color Solutions is changing the way your product is seen with a lower-cost and more versatile solution: hyper-realistic, digitally-printed sales tools that look (and can also feel) like the real thing.


Update, enhance or replace traditional samples with an infinite pallet of content and color options. You’ll swear you’re looking at the real thing, with a three-dimensional appearance, hyper-realistic detail and stunningly accurate color matching for sample boards, fan decks, binders, displays, and more. And, with our ability to digitally print textures like wood grain, stone or leather, your product samples can both look and feel like the real product . . . often at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

    Key to our success is the revolutionary scanning and imaging technique developed and perfected by SFC: High-Definition Imaging Technology™ (HDi). This exclusive process redefines the use of light, tone and shadow to create images which, when combined with decades of experience and the latest technology, are nothing short of spectacular. This printed sample technology is:

    • Available on multiple substrates
    • A fraction of the cost of sampling the actual product
    • Perfectly matched in color & detail
    • Consistently identical, even on reorders & updates
    • Easier to ship, carry and present to customers

    And, thanks to our industry-leading e-commerce and web-to-print software, you can have your own branded site, complete with custom colors and logos and a web catalog of print-on-demand marketing products, available for order 24/7.

    Discover all the ways SFC is changing the way your product is seen with complete, turn-key solutions, including: