VistaVue™ samples: large enough to show how good your product really looks.

SFC Color Solutions is changing the way your product is seen with VistaVue™ large-format samples, a revolutionary building products sample solution developed and engineered by SFC's innovation team. And, when you add TruTouch™, our dimensional and textured digital imaging technology, VistaVue™ samples not only look like the real thing, they feel like the real thing.

VistaVue™ samples are large, hyper-realistic images printed on durable substrates. They can be mailed inexpensively in a flat envelope and viewed flat upon arrival, thanks to our own exclusive slitting and taping technology.


Compared with an actual product sample, VistaVue™ samples are:

  • Sized to show large, repeat patterns
  • Hyper-realistic in their color, texture & veining
  • Much lighter
  • Less expensive
  • Customizable
  • Easy & inexpensive to mail

VistaVue™ Large-Format Samples

VistaVue™ large-format samples are possible thanks to the revolutionary scanning technique developed and perfected by SFC: High-Definition Imaging (HDi) Technology™. This proprietary process redefines the use of light, tone and shadow to create images which, when combined with decades of experience and the latest equipment, are nothing short of spectacular.

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