Precise custom content development, rigorously matched to your specs.

SFC Color Solutions is known by some of the world’s largest building product manufacturers as a trusted partner in custom solutions for product imaging. Whether you come to SFC with your own content, or elect to work together on a new custom solution, you can count on us for exacting production standards.

There are two ways to begin the content development process:


1. Develop custom content. SFC provides turn-key content development capabilities, from initial concept development through prototype construction, high-definition scanning, and detailed image editing. Once your decorative or architectural image is selected, constructed and scanned, we’ll use our extraordinary image editing capabilities to match the designed surface across uses. Want to recreate the look of weathered barn siding uninterrupted, across multiple wall panels . . . with matching patterned moldings? We do that.


2. Provide your own content. Provide us with content to be imaged onto your products. For example, you might have a specific pattern that needs to match or enhance a complementary product in your existing line. As part of our content development process, we edit and format what you provide, match colors exactly, and then develop the final file for the specific imaging application.

These unique skills have been perfected by SFC over many years of experience, changing the way your product is seen.