We’ve redefined the standards for high-definition digital scanning & imaging.

SFC Color Solutions is changing the way your product is seen with innovative custom imaging solutions that reproduce a wide range of building product surfaces such as wood, tile, brick, stone, and fabric onto building materials such as FRP, plastic, vinyl, tile, glass, fabric, and wood. The results are astoundingly realistic, with a highly-detailed three-dimensional appearance and stunningly accurate color matching, from panel-to-panel, molding-to-molding, job site-to-job site, and product-to-product.


Innovative technology, only from SFC

  • High-Definition Digital Scanning

    SFC’s world-class scanner is the international benchmark for scanning and reproducing large-format originals. Customized and upgraded to SFC’s specifications, our proprietary, state-of-the-art scanning technology, High-Definition Imaging Technology™ (HDi), redefines the use of light, tone, shadow, and depth to produce hyper-realistic images of architectural and decorative surfaces.

  • Image Editing

    SFC’s image editing technicians work magic by manipulating, enhancing and transforming high-definition scans into distinctively realistic architectural and decorative images that meet your specs, dimensions and requirements. Our image editing expertise also enables another SFC first—disappearing, digitally-imaged molding strips—that blend seamlessly with matched, digitally-imaged wall panels.

  • Color Management

    SFC’s advanced technology and decades of color management expertise enable precise and consistent color reproduction across each step of the image development process. Essential to this process is color review under appropriate light sources, ensuring an exact match at the point of installation.

  • Digital Imaging

    SFC is recognized among many of the largest brands in the building products industry for direct-to-substrate, high-definition, large-format imaging from multiple state-of-the-art digital print machines. The resulting eye-popping architectural and decorative images display vibrant, consistent and accurate color on both flexible and rigid building materials.

  • We can even reproduce the tactile feel of real wood or other textured surfaces, such as brick, stone or leather, with our TruTouch™ multi-layered digital print technology. This also makes it possible to create unique, standoff artwork from special designs, paintings and photos.

Discover all the ways SFC is changing the way your product is seen with complete, turn-key solutions.