We’ve redefined the standards for high-definition digital scanning & imaging.

We’ve seen a lot of innovations in our century-plus of elite color reproduction, but nothing tops the one we invented ourselves: High-Definition Imaging (HDi) Technology™.

SFC Color Solutions’ proprietary process is changing the way your product is seen by redefining the use of light, tone and shadow, creating images you’d swear are the real thing, with a three-dimensional appearance, hyper-realistic detail and stunningly accurate color matching,

With an infinite pallet of content and color options, SFC can scan and direct print highly-accurate representations of fabric, leather, food, finishes, cosmetics, building materials and more, showcasing everything from the newest lipstick colors to a pizza that looks good enough to eat.


Advanced technology, custom solutions.


Our highly-trained color and digital experts use the most advanced equipment to print stunningly realistic retail marketing on a wide range of both flexible and rigid substrates. Extensive quality control results in unique, one-of-a-kind solutions, supported by expert image editing and color correction.

We can even reproduce a tactile feel with our textured TruTouch™ multi-layered digital print technology, creating a stronger connection between your customers and your brand or product. For example, TruTouch™ textured printing can be used in retail displays as a unique and memorable textured element, or as embossed type or logo treatments.

Discover all the ways SFC is changing the way your product is seen with complete, turn-key solutions.